U.S. Congressman Pete Olson Recognizes Velentium for Critical COVID-19 Response

U.S. Congressman Pete Olson Recognizes Velentium for Critical COVID-19 Response

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Jason Smith

HOUSTON – Velentium, a professional engineering firm that specializes in the design and manufacturing of therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices for Fortune 500 companies and startups, hosted United States Congressman Pete Olson on Monday, June 22, at the company’s headquarters in Katy, Texas. 

Velentium, which supplied automated test systems for a critical ventilator manufacturing effort related to COVID-19 – also known as “Project V,” – was formally recognized by the Congressman for its significant contribution during the global health pandemic.

“I’m pleased to recognize Velentium as a TX-22 Good Will creator,” Rep. Olson said. “We are lucky in our community to have great partners during times of crisis. This recognition was created to thank those who are stepping up to help combat COVID-19 and protect Americans. It was good to get a closer look at their efforts and learn how Velentium is working to protect our communities and empower healthcare facilities.”

While at Velentium, the Congressman participated in a tour given by Dan Purvis, chief executive officer of Velentium, and an up-close look at the research, development and innovation taking place at the facility. Congressman Olson and Velentium executives discussed the company’s emergency response in the wake of COVID-19 and continued support as the situation develops. Immediately after touring the facility, Congressman Olson addressed associates and discussed the company’s efforts.

“We are humbled to be recognized by the Congressman for our role in supporting the mass production of critical care ventilators and the national Project V efforts,” said Dan Purvis. “Our values are the backbone of our company. I'm glad we were able contribute our resources to meet the urgent needs of those impacted by the pandemic and make medical devices safer and more effective for countless Americans.”

A selection of photos from the event can be found here.


Photo 1: U.S. Congressman Pete Olson awards TX-22 Good Will distinction to Velentium Chief Executive Officer Dan Purvis (middle) and Chief Operating Officer Tim Carroll (right) for the company’s critical response in fight against COVID-19.

Photo 2: U.S. Congressman Pete Olson joins Velentium executives on a tour of the company’s production facility.

Photo 3: Velentium associates discuss company’s lifesaving products and ongoing COVID-19 response.

Photo 4: U.S. Congressman Pete Olson meets with Velentium associates and Claudia Swan, UPS, at its facility in Katy, Texas.

Photo 5: U.S. Congressman Pete Olson and Velentium CEO Dan on a tour of Velentium facility in Katy, Texas.


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