Medical Device Manufacturing & Factory Optimization

How to Make Your QMS Work for You

Meet Our Leader in Manufacturing & Quality Management Systems

Randy Armstrong

Randy is Velentium’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for creating our Quality Management System, which we believe is one of the leanest and most effective in the industry. He has a passion for the elegant solution – one that is simpler, consumes less energy, has fewer components, is smaller, requires less maintenance, and costs less - producing designs which become flagship and platform technologies that return value far beyond original goals.


Manufacturing Facility

  • FDA Manufacturer of Record
  • ISO 13485 Certified
  • Over 2,500 sq ft MFG Capacity

Our Services Include:

The pilot builds & first runs for device clinical trials

Design factory test systems optimized for efficiency, quality assurance, and compliance

Develop and validate manufacturing procedures

Fill main production orders

Industy Leading Expertise

Why Build With Us

Design & Development Experts within Arms’ Reach At All Times

  • Fast, superior factory support from our SMEs
  • Time-critical commitment by manufacturing management
  • Secured manufacturing process and supply chain oversight
  • Test coverage verification and manufacturing systems design
  • Insight for next-generation design available from our systems engineering team

Leverage our ISO 13485 Lean QMS

  • Ensure your design is optimized for efficient, cost-effective manufacturing
  • Quickly uncover & address any design, process, or supply chain concerns
  • Control materials, documentation, and supply chain for QA & compliance
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