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Our Values


We do Right for Right's sake
We will make decisions that are based on right and wrong. That means that you'll always know the status of your project. That means that you'll be told when something is out of scope before we make any changes. That means that we will be punctual. That means that we will do everything in our power to treat you like we would like to be treated.

Results ++

We do the job and then some
It isn't enough to be average. It isn't enough to just "do the job". Our staff pride themselves in delighting clients with their work. We want to be that service experience where you walk away saying "WOW!". We aren't really interested in one project with you and your colleagues. We are interested in decades of relationship that is fueled by Results++

Humble Charisma

We strive to be the kind of people you want to be around
There are charismatic people in this world that tell you all about it. There are humble people in this world that never get noticed. We strive for a perfect balance. At the end of an engagement, we hope that you like our staff for who they are and not just what they have accomplished. We want to get to know you and hope you enjoy getting to know us. After all, it's people that make up businesses and working with others is what we like best!

World Class Innovation in Medical Devices

How We Help
Velentium = Velocity + Momentum + Ingenium

What's in a Name?

Active Implantable Medical Devices Velentium
VELocity: We believe our pace is staggering. Our staff not only understands the necessity of working fast, but enjoys it.
MomENTum: With a culture of continuity and consistency, you can be assured your project will maintain velocity to the finish with regular communication throughout all stages.
IngenIUM (Talent): We see talent as more than just the capability to complete technical tasks. We see talent as the ability to link technologies, understand your problem, ask penetrating questions, and guide the process from beginning to end.
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"If we touch it, it will work!"
Once we accept a challenge, we won’t stop until it’s done


Thought and Commentary for the Medical Device Industry

A Summary of Medical Device Standards - Part III - Earning (And Keeping!) FDA Approval for Your Device

March 21, 2019 | Posted by Tim Carroll
FDA approval can be achieved in two ways: The 510(k) process, in which the manufacturer must provide evidence that the device they intend to market is “substantially equivalent” to a device...

New FDA Pre-Market Submission Guidelines for Cybersecurity in Medical Devices - Part III - Trustworthy Devices

March 18, 2019 | Posted by Ben Trombold
Designing and developing trustworthy medical devices, according to the new FDA guidance on cybersecurity, will be our focus for the next two posts. 

A Summary of Medical Device Standards - Part II - Understanding CFR Part 820

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Tim Carroll
CFR Part 820, often referred to as simply Part 820, delineates the requirements for a quality management system that must govern the design and manufacture of any device sold in the United States....

New FDA Pre-Market Submission Guidelines for Cybersecurity in Medical Devices - Part II

March 11, 2019 | Posted by Ben Trombold
Our first topic concerns classification of medical devices according to the new FDA guidance. Two separate tiers of classification are described:

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