Assistance  throughout  all
stages of  your  medical device lifecycle

 Velentium offers world class expertise in software, usability, cybersecurity, electrical, and mechanical development for medical devices. Our decades of experience, solid program management and systems engineering will ensure the success of your product.


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Simple Elegance

Simple is hard - and worth it

Devices can be designed in a number of ways - your system should require the minimum:

  • Parts
  • Power
  • Training

Rapid Milestones

See things accomplished quickly

You deserve to see progress right away. With our teams, you can expect to see:

  • Weekly demos
  • Daily access
  • Budgeted pivots
  • Transparency

Reduced Risk

Manage risk from many places

There are lots of ways to design and develop. Our process and expertise reduces your exposure to:

  • Patient risk
  • Technical risk
  • Business risk


Certified to:
Quality - ISO 13485

Compliant with:
Risk - ISO 14971
Software - IEC 62304
Electrical - IEC 60601

  • VELocity: we believe that our pace is staggering.  Our staff can't just be fast - they have to ENJOY SPEED.  

  • MomENTum: with a culture of CONTINUITY (the project manager on your project stays on your project) and CONSISTENCY (projects are run through a proven process that is documented and adhered to), you can be assured that your project will keep moving.

  • IngenIUM (Talent): our team goes beyond capability.  We see talent as the ability to link technologies, to understand your problem, to ask penetrating questions, and to guide the problem-solving process.

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Honorable: We do Right for Right's Sake

Results++: We do the job and then some

Humble Charisma: We strive to be the kind of people you want to be around


Dan Purvis (Co-Founder)


I have a dream of building Velentium to be a source of progress and peace in the lives of our clients, our employees, and their families. I dream of a day when Velentium can fuel entrepreneurism for people throughout the world who don't have the ample opportunities and resources we have.


Tim Carroll (Co-Founder)

President & COO

I am thrilled with the talented team we are building. Everyone wants to make an impact, and with our team we do! I started my career many years ago at Intermedics, a world class device company for cardiac rhythm management. Now, by partnering with companies throughout the community, we are able to create a wide variety of therapeutic and diagnostic devices, and that’s what I live for!

Randy Armstrong

Randy Armstrong


I have a passion for the elegant solution – one that is simpler, consumes less energy, has fewer components, is smaller, needs less maintenance, costs less – to produce designs which become flagship and platform technologies, returning value far beyond original goals.


Mark Kraft


It has been a delight to team up with Velentium to start the Colorado office. As a company, Velentium has the values and the talent to drive me and our local engineers to provide our customers with better solutions. My passion is that the software that we build for clients is intuitive and beautiful.

Christopher Gates

Principal System Security Architect

I am delighted to have recently joined the Velentium team.  After 4 decades of medical device development experience I have found my home.  Everyone at Velentium is talented and driven to excel and I look forward to bringing new and innovative product security solutions into our daily development process.

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