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"Right Balance Between Complexity & Simplicity"

“When we first met with Velentium, we were creating high quality research equipment in-house, but without the proper knowledge and expertise surrounding industry regulations and quality systems, we were setting ourselves up for problems in the future. A lot of other developers we had spoken to were not interested in partnering with a smaller underfunded company, but Velentium came to us with a different mentality. They had the interest and flexibility to invest their time and energy in order to help us grow.

The team we worked with at Velentium was great. Not only were they responsive and knowledgeable, they were proactive in bringing solutions to us surrounding our product to ensure we had the right balance between complexity and simplicity, in order to save time and money, as well as reduce regulatory risk. Their experience with regards to regulatory submissions was valuable as well, specifically surrounding Cybersecurity. They were consistently up to date on the newest guidelines and helped us stay ahead of the regulations, as they were constantly providing feedback regarding what we should and should not do.

We are always thinking of new ways to accelerate our business and Velentium has been a great partner in helping with that effort. They have helped us move rapidly from a research-based organization to a full design-controlled development process company.”

Alex Proctor
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"Straightforward Approach & Truthful"

“Velentium was highly recommended to us by a very respected personal colleague of mine in the medical device industry. Early on, I appreciated their straightforward approach with being truthful about the limitations of our project and what we could and could not do. Throughout the entire project, they were forthcoming and transparent. The team members we worked with were engaging and passionate about finding solutions to our challenges.

Most consulting firms will sell you on an expert, but will then have 95% of the work completed by junior employees who can be lacking in the proper experience and knowledge. With Velentium, whom they introduced us to on the project was who worked on it. There was no bait and switch, and we were delighted with the results. This was very refreshing from our perspective!”


Luis Malave
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"Strong Focus on Agility & Precision"

“From the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Velentium team, specifically Dan Purvis and Randy Armstrong. In the early stage meetings, I was very grateful they took they time to get to know our needs and goals so a proper solution on the right timeline could be put together. They also had a strong focus on agility and precision, which being an army of one, I needed to be able to rely on a stable team of consultants in order to make consistent progress.

Randy was invaluable as an expert advisor who could clearly articulate what needed to be done, who to do it, and have the ability to respond in a quick and timely manner, sometimes within the hour! With Velentium, I was guaranteed to make progress on any issue and have it resolved quickly, which was invaluable as an early stage medical device entrepreneur. Even though we were across multiple time zones, it felt as if we were operating within the same office, which is a very rare dynamic. Working with Velentium was a different kind of experience that lends itself to agile, responsive, and fast-paced delivery.”

Dan Rizzuto
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"Commitment to a Strong Quality System"

"For me, it started with Velentium's credo. The company really focuses on its core principals. Tim, Randy, and Dan all live out Velentium's values.

We worked with Velentium on an initial small project and the engineer did a great job. We have since expanded our work with Velentium and their business dealings with us have been solid and fair. When there are issues, Velentium rolls up their sleeves and solves the problems - and they are willing to contribute even when the issue is on our side.

Velentium has a commitment to a strong medical quality system. The system is baked into their culture and the quality of the work has been excellent."

Bret Boudousquie
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"Incredible Knowledge and Expertise"

Velentium came to us with positive references from within the medical device community. We had been interacting with several design/manufacturing companies, both small and large, but were impressed with Velentium's team and how they functioned. 

Right away, we found that working with Velentium was incredibly easy! Billing and external communication were straightforward, and they always had someone available to answer any questions as they came up. From a contractual perspective, they were willing to negotiate flexible terms to meet our needs as a company. Even after we signed a contract, the executives continued to make themselves available to us.

Their knowledge and expertise, specifically in the area of electrical engineering, was incredible. Throughout our project, it was clear they were organized and truly understood our goals. Other companies either did not want to understand or did not have the capability to do so, but Velentium truly cared about us and our product.

Dr. Leonard Weisman
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"High Levels of Integrity and Transparency"

We chose Velentium as a partner due to their robust background with implantable stimulators that stems from their decades of experience within the medical device industry. The company, as a whole, has a high level of integrity and transparency, which was evident from our very first meeting. They had a willingness and a passion to partner with and support us, and their positive attitude flowed through every interaction we had. For them, our project was more than a business arrangement; it was obvious they cared for us as people. 

We outsource all of our design and manufacturing and have strategically decided not to develop or build our prototype units in-house. Through our partnership with Velentium, not only are these needs addressed, but we now have access to expertise in cybersecurity, electronics, firmware, mechanical design, packaging, labeling, and manufacturing. We were previously off-shoring our work out of the country, but when we chose to bring it closer to home, it was beneficial to have a one-stop-shop for design.

Paul Goode
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