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Mobile Software Engineer

May 27, 2020

Note: Velentium does not currently sponsor work visas or consider candidates in the F1-OPT program.

Velentium is a fast-growing medical tech firm with a great culture. We hire only the best and hardest working individuals who love to continuously learn. More than just a job, we want you to make a tangible difference. When you are working on medical devices, you will change lives! As an example, Velentium has been deeply involved with helping produce ventilators during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read more about it here.

At Velentium, we design and integrate technology for a large variety of medical devices for many different companies. These devices address many different therapies, such as sleep apnea, diabetes, pain management, acid reflux, incontinence, seizure disorders, paralysis, and many more. The variety of our work and the nature of consulting means you will get the equivalent of three years of exposure for every year you work with us. Let’s do great things together!

We are currently looking for mobile software engineers that want to help us change lives.

What Does It Take to Do This Job?

  • A fit with Velentium culture: Honor, Results, Humility, Charisma, Velocity, Ingenuity
  • A love for, and understanding of, software engineering and practices (Scrum, Git)
  • Demonstrated project experience that displays an ability to learn and apply new skills
  • A demonstrated ability to work alone AND in teams
  • An understanding of Scrum based development practices and Git
  • A desire to thrive in a rapidly changing and quick paced environment
  • An attitude of doing whatever it takes to figure out the solution to challenging engineering problems
  • Demonstrated mastery of your chosen software tools: Swift, Android Java, Kotlin
  • An ability to code against system and software requirements
  • A willingness to follow and apply team process to accomplish development tasks
  • Nice to haves: ISO 13485 knowledge, Jira, cross platform development experience, BLE, Appium or other automated test frameworks, software design patterns

What Will I Do?

  • Because we are an engineering services company and a medical device manufacturer, our work varies based on our project load.
  • You may be assigned any of the following:
    • Medical device mobile apps
    • General purpose mobile apps
    • Development of reusable mobile software tools and architectures
    • Mobile app testing
    • Requirements and code reviews
    • Cloud integration

Because Velentium is a consulting firm that performs design and development services for others, your communication skills (spoken and written) must be top-notch. We provide unlimited challenge, a chance to be a part of a stellar team of top performers, and intense variety that grants you a path to continuous learning.

For qualified candidates, there are opportunities for project leadership, travel (including international, if desired), and a chance to immediately contribute (you are not just a number in our small but growing firm). And, we have "big company benefits" because we compete with the biggest of tech firms for candidates like you!

We have jobs in multiple locations: Los Angeles, CA, Denver/Boulder, CO, Houston/Katy, TX

If you feel you are a match - we look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Velentium does not currently sponsor work visas or consider candidates in the F1-OPT program


We do Right for Right's Sake

Results ++

We do the job and then some

Humble Charisma

We strive to be the kind of people you want to be around

Our Values

A Values Driven Company that Values Its Team

At Velentium, our values govern everything that we do. We hire honorable people who are fun to be around and excel in their careers. Are you the right person? Do you enjoy working with great people who can do great things? Are you passionate to make a difference in the world? Do you want more than just a job? You may be exactly the person we are looking for.

Rewarding and Challenging Atmosphere

Doing Hard Things Is Not Easy but It Is Worth It

We provide our customers and clients with solutions to the most challenging problems. That takes effort and ingenuity. If you are looking for a job where you can pass the time doing mundane work that doesn’t require much thought, then we are not the place for you. On the other hand, if you are driven to solve challenging problems using the full breadth of your capabilities, then check us out. You may be the exact person we are looking for.

What's in a Name?

Velentium Medical Device Companies Colorado

VELocity: We believe our pace is staggering. Our staff not only understands the necessity of working fast, but enjoys it.

MomENTum: With a culture of continuity and consistency, you can be assured your project will maintain velocity to the finish with regular communication throughout all stages.
IngenIUM (Talent): We see talent as more than just the capability to complete technical tasks. We see talent as the ability to link technologies, understand your problem, ask penetrating questions, and guide the process from beginning to end.

Reach Your Goals with Us!

Changing Lives for a Better World Includes Our Team

We are not a large company, but we are growing fast. We provide “big company” benefits to compete with large tech businesses for talented candidates like you. We provide unlimited challenge and an intense variety that grants you a path to continuous learning and growth. We provide competitive salaries and benefits because we want you and your family to be secure and healthy, as well as provide opportunities to immediately contribute and make a difference. If this appeals to you, we may be the exact company you are looking for.
  • Competitive salary
  • PTO based on Industry Tenure
  • Health Benefits + Vision & Dental
  • 401K Matching
  • Opportunities for Professional Development
Insights & Testimonials

Hear First Hand from Our Team

Mamoru Kanazawa Sr. Mobile Developer
"In the fast-paced industry of medical devices, Velentium is a company where you can gain valuable experience in a vast array of projects as well as learn from and work with some of the most passionate and talented engineers in their field. Velentium not only focuses on changing the lives of patients, but its employees as well."
Chris Jensen Sr. Technical Lead

"Velentium has a collaborative and welcoming culture that is unlike any other I have experienced throughout my career. On a day to day basis, I am surrounded by and actively work with high performing individuals that are not only trustworthy, but supportive. Even more prominent is the strong ethical foundation that guides every aspect of the business and is reinforced constantly through the demonstration and celebration of our 3 core values: Honorable, Results++, and Humble Charisma."

Pamela Lim Test Technician

"I applied for a full-time summer internship at Velentium after doing a part-time internship here during the school year. I liked how my coworkers enjoy being here, how they both work hard and have fun, and how everyone is willing to answer questions and explain technological concepts. My part-time experience made me want to intern full-time so that I could have a fuller idea of what goes into medical device development, as well as understand how tech companies operate in general."

Jessica Joslin Director of Finance
"It is the culture at Velentium that makes the biggest difference to me. At Velentium, character, honesty and integrity are valued, and I contribute as a whole person not just for the job I do. We all work together as a team and that makes working here a joy."
Alberto Lin Sr. Developer

“Velentium’s QMS balances compliance with usability. Our system isn’t burdensome like many, which can feel like they get in the way of getting work done, but it isn’t too lightweight either. Beyond balance, we have a pro-quality company culture that supports collaboration on reviews, and encourages all of us to develop a risk-mitigating mindset for each project.”

Tyler Martin Jr. Cybersecurity Engineer

"Velentium has created a challenging, fun, and yet flexible work environment. As a rising cybersecurity professional, I have the unique opportunity to break and deconstruct devices/protocols in order to show how they can be designed efficiently while prioritizing security. Velentium has provided me with the opportunity to work with the latest technology, learn new engineering skills, and find elegant solutions to technical problems."


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