Velentium Expands Intelligent Testing Services in the Energy Sector

Velentium Expands Intelligent Testing Services in the Energy Sector

June 16, 2021 | Posted by Lindsey Dinneen

Firm offers one-stop-shop for design, development, production, testing and validation of burgeoning technologies driving the modernization of the energy industry

HOUSTON – June 16, 2021 – Velentium, a professional engineering firm that specializes in the design and manufacturing of therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s, announced today the launch of its in-house and on-site intelligent testing services to support some of the oil and gas sector’s most reputable brands, including Schlumberger. The expansion comes after the company’s recent acquisition of Oasis Testing, a Texas-based designer of automated test systems serving the oil and gas sector.

For this new service offering, Velentium is using decades of experience in creating test systems in a multitude of industries, with a primary focus on high-pressure high-temperature systems to serve the energy industry, as the foundation for its new enterprise. The company’s critical test system features are versatile and will support manual and automated technology, modular builds with plug-and-play design, patented products, and new product development used in both R&D and production facilities.

“Velentium is forging a new path in the oil and gas industry by introducing safer and more cost-efficient solutions,” said Demetri White, Senior Program Manager at Velentium. “Leveraging automation, advanced data analytics, and use of machine learning, we can provide insight beyond passing and failing of test articles subjected to industry standards. By using modular programming and root cause analysis, we are drastically improving in-house processes and advancing quality and safety standards for the industry.”

Velentium, a valued supplier for pressure products, components and systems, will also provide repair and maintenance services for existing equipment, as well as items directly manufactured by Velentium as part of its turnkey solutions approach. Through its highly specialized training program, Velentium’s experts will share their expertise and knowledge to help create a safer work environment and reduce downtime, as well as the learning curve for high-pressure equipment and supporting products.

“We came to Velentium late last year after one of our engineers introduced us to the company. We needed some help with testing, and Velentium knocked it out of the park for us,” said Chad Hardwick, Testing Specialist at Schlumberger. “The team’s knowledge on completion tools was very beneficial so that we didn’t have to start at square one. From a technical perspective, the testing system was great; it felt like we had found the right fit with the services they had to offer.”

Earlier this year, Velentium announced the acquisition of Oasis Testing to bring the benefits of mechanical, electrical and software-based solutions to clients in the energy and manufacturing industries. Velentium is leveraging its expansion in the oil and gas space to modernize safety protocols, set new benchmarks for intelligence in data acquisition and testing, and introduce key technological advances to other sectors, including the MedTech industry.

“At Velentium, many of us cut our teeth in the oil and gas industry, oftentimes in partnership with Oasis Testing,” said Dan Purvis, chief executive officer of Velentium. “Now that the Oasis team has been embedded into our organization, we’re diversifying our efforts and encouraging the cross pollination of ideas in our business to increase the safety, insight, and reliability of the technologies of tomorrow. I’m excited by the possibilities our advancements in the energy space will present for the MedTech industry and vice versa.”
As a next step, Velentium plans to construct a full-scale verification and validation testing facility to support client-specified projects and enable technologies to exceed industry standards, including API, ISO, and ASTM. The data extrapolated from this facility will deliver data-driven value for executives leading a unique cross section of enterprise companies.

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