Project V - Ventilator Heroes - Seth Dunn & Delta Airlines

Project V - Ventilator Heroes - Seth Dunn & Delta Airlines

April 27, 2020 | Posted by Ben Trombold

Today we’d like to share a story about one of our many “courier trips”. In order to complete test stands as quickly as possible (138 test stands in total), there were multiple occasions when we had to have parts the same day.

Seth Dunn has been Dan Purvis' (Velentium's CEO) personal trainer for about a year and due to the current pandemic, he suddenly found himself very available. Dan called Seth and asked if he’d be willing to fly around the country in order to receive same day parts. He eagerly agreed to participate in the cause.

On one such trip, Seth faced a very tight connection due to a delay coming into Atlanta. We called Delta Air Lines and they met Seth in the jet way with a personalized sign. In a manner of minutes, Seth was escorted down the ramp and into an SUV on the tarmac that took him right to his next flight!

We received the necessary parts on-time thanks to Seth and Delta and the test systems made it to the manufacturing plant in Kokomo, where ventilators are now moving to hospitals less than one month later!

Here’s to you Seth Dunn and Delta Air Lines. You are both#ventilatorheroes!


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