Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll

President & Chief Operating Officer
I have always loved to solve technical problems that ultimately help people live better lives.

Personal Life & Career

Tim is Velentium’s President & COO, and is also responsible for the majority of the company’s business development. Tim’s immediate family is made up of his wife, two sons and daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters. He enjoys all outdoor activities, especially hiking and camping, as well as travelling internationally for both work and pleasure.

Tim started his career at Intermedics working in Test Engineering, but was very active in other areas such as Tachycardia R&D, Bradycardia R&D, IC Design, and Manufacturing Engineering. After Intermedics was purchased by Guidant (now Boston Scientific) Tim joined our CEO, Dan Purvis, at an integration firm for Oil & Gas solutions, but quickly switched focus to medical device development.  Initially many of the contracts were for medical device testing, but as the company continued to grow, it expanded beyond product testing and into product development. In 2013, Dan and Tim launched a new company, Velentium, with a focus on building out a world class medical device design and development firm.

An influential moment in Tim’s career happened early on while he was at Intermedics. He discovered a close friend of his, a childhood Sunday school teacher, was not only 100% dependent on a pacemaker, but had recently been outfitted with a device that Tim was a part of bringing to market. This reinforced the deep satisfaction he found in this industry, and renewed his passion for wanting to positively impact as many people as he could throughout his lifetime.

Why Velentium?

In helping found Velentium, Tim wanted to create a company that could be a world-class leader in the design and development of medical devices. Although it would not be organized as a non-profit, its primary mission would be to improve people’s lives all over the world. Tim worked diligently to build a team who excelled at the core disciplines necessary to provide flagship design services. Velentium would not generate additional risk for its customers or patients, by hiring inexperienced, or underqualified, workers in order to maximize profit. Instead, the company would bring together industry thought leadership and expertise, because the ultimate goal is to bring to market products that will change people’s lives.

Looking Ahead

Tim’s primary goal for Velentium is to preserve our quality of work and culture while the organization continues to grow. This will enable the company to bring its current services and positive impact to international customers and partners while expanding its influence in North America. Just as the company has expanded its business beyond local companies in the Texas area and into Minneapolis, Boston, California, the Pacific-Northwest region, as well as western Europe and Asia, Tim wants to see the company become a global leader in medical design development and transfer to manufacturing.

In the future, Tim foresees a significant influence from the large tech companies into the medical device space. There is every indication that a few of these large consumer-based technology leaders are going to expand beyond health & wellness and into medical devices. In addition, there will likely be increased focus on the connected patient being part of a holistic program to drive costs down. As people become more intentional about their own healthcare, a movement will occur towards more home health care devices with more diagnostic capabilities and simpler therapeutic options.

Tim also believes there will be a growth in external devices vs. implantables as people become more involved in their own healthcare and are willing to become more disciplined about compliance. Designs that continue to be implantable will become even smaller and less invasive, with greater focus on ASICs and utilizing extremely low power and high connectivity.

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Primary Location

Houston, TX

Experience & Recognition

  • Over 27 years experience in the medical device industry
  • Started career at Intermedics and worked there for over 7 years
  • Passionate about delivering high quality products that change lives

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