Larry Lawson

Larry Lawson

“Listen to the customer”

Personal Life & Career

From his early life, Larry Lawson was a true visionary, gifted salesman, and extraordinary organizer. Lawson blended these unique talents when he joined Johnson & Johnson in 1970 as a medical device salesman. He rapidly rose through the J&J corporate ladder succeeding in sales, sales management, and marketing, while collecting a large group of clients that trusted his vision and relied on his outstanding customer service.

In 1980, Larry ventured out on his own to create Mesco Inc., an international sales and marketing firm specializing in sales for American and European medical manufacturers, to supply developing markets throughout Latin America, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries.

Later, in 1983, Larry founded LifeMed Inc., which was to be the exclusive U.S. sales, marketing, and distribution for Rudolph Riester GmbH. He was successful in helping them monopolize 10% of their market in only six years. “Listen to the customer” has been Larry’s key to success. While CEO of LifeMed, he could see the next great market developing and changed his focus to cardiac arrhythmia monitoring services in the year 2000, as he founded Diagnostic Monitoring Associates. He replicated the success of his previous companies by ensuring the overall sales and marketing strategies embodied his dedication to quality products and total commitment to excellence in customer service.

Why Velentium?

Larry was attracted to Velentium due to the culture of the company and the positive personalities of its founders and employees. He first met the co-founder and CEO, Dan Purvis, aboard a flight from Houston to San Diego. As fate would have it, Larry asked Dan a very simple question: are you by chance in the medical business? For the remainder of the three-hour flight, the two could not stop talking, and it was the beginning of a great relationship.

For Velentium, Larry has the goal of seeing the company reach the highest amount of success it can achieve - by becoming one of the major medical device development and engineering companies in the United States. He believes the leadership team has the right vision and motivation to shepherd its rapid growth and development. Moreover, they are determined to ensure their principles and values are found throughout the entire culture and daily activities of the company.

Looking Ahead

Larry has seen the medical device industry grow over the past 50 years, and believes that artificial intelligence will be the next proponent of change. Not only will it be impactful for the medical device industry, but in every aspect of development, analysis, and manufacturing. He has been repeatedly impressed with AI and how it has been moving all industries forward.


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Primary Location

Denver, CO

Experience & Recognition

  • A true visionary, gifted salesman, and extraordinary organizer
  • Founded Mesco Inc., an international sales and marketing firm

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