Velentium Culture (Part 8): What We Say, We Mean

Velentium Culture (Part 8): What We Say, We Mean

September 23, 2019 | Posted by Dan Purvis

Let's finish by talking about another type of what - what we say.


“If we touch it, it will work.”

If we take on a project, we're not going to stop until it's done. We'll analyze the design and wrestle it out to the end. We're willing to invest above and beyond to make sure that doesn’t change. We refuse to fail. If we touch it, it will work.


“Thought leadership for the medical device industry.”

We're not a build-to-print shop. We're not a company that's only going to follow what your drawing dictates. When you have a design or verification problem, then we want to investigate it with you. We want to ask you questions that maybe you've never thought of. We want to make the solution elegant, simple, and straightforward. That's where thought leadership comes in. We are expertise for hire, not just talented workers.

Furthermore, although we do work in other areas, we only market ourselves to the medical device field. Non-medical projects are often in our wheelhouse, and we do take them on if it's a good fit for our team, but we don't consider them part of our brand.


“Three years here will give you ten years of industry experience.”

This is a target we set for new hires. We want junior personnel who come to us right out of college to be attractive to the marketplace for ten-year-type positions after three years at our company because our employees receive mentored exposure to a wide range of technical challenges.


“Excited by learning, challenge, and speed.”

We once put together a recruiting campaign for college campuses that had in big, bold letters, "You don't know what you need to know to work here." And then in parentheses, it said, ("Don't worry, none of us do.") I may know everything there is to know about microcontrollers, cybersecurity, or mobile apps, but I may not know anything about diabetes... and my next project could be working on an insulin pump. Our staff have the opportunity to learn and grow across disciplines and applications. If you're excited by learning and you like to be exposed to new technology, then you're going to fit in well at Velentium.


“Simple isn't easy, but simple is worth it.”

Massive effort is required on the design side to deliver an elegant solution that provides that experience of simple effectiveness to the end-user, but we love it because we believe it’s work worth doing.


“Rules to inspire, not to prod.”

The rules in this company should inspire the top performer, not police the bottom performer.


“You decide.”

Each staff person has the freedom to make decisions according to the company values. If you can justify your decisions against the company values, we will support those decisions.

How well does “you decide” play with our Quality Management System? If anyone sees the QMS as overly restricting and making our jobs more difficult, we want to understand why. Our goal is to try to integrate the quality system with the business entirely, and we have fought and will continue to fight for this cause. We have a lean, straightforward, ISO 13485-certified QMS. It must partner with the way that we do business, not hold us back or slow us down.


“Every quarter is a year.”

When a company is growing as quickly as ours, every quarter for us is like a year at another company under normal conditions. Rapid growth demands Humble Charisma of all of us because practices put into place or habits established as recently as last quarter may not serve us as well as they used to this quarter, and it may take us yet another quarter before we can change them.


“If we're teachable, there's always hope.”

I've always said that in my marriage, business, parenting, hobbies, and life, if I'm willing to grow, if I'm teachable, then it doesn't matter where I am today, because I won't be there tomorrow. We want teachable and humble individuals who are okay with being corrected and are willing to learn.


This concludes our blog series on Velentium company culture. If you’d like to learn more or are considering partnering with us, please email us at!



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