Transformational Leadership - Optimism Precedes Recognition

Transformational Leadership - Optimism Precedes Recognition

October 7, 2019 | Posted by Dan Purvis

Whenever you launch an idea that is genuinely new, novel, groundbreaking, or positively disruptive, you should expect to cause confusion and misunderstanding. You’ll probably inspire resistance. Your target market’s initial reaction might be ambivalent, and you may chart multiple routes before finding your way.

When resistance happens, your response is critical to the success of the launch. If you respond in frustration or discouragement, you risk dismantling everything before it even begins. But if you remind yourself that the people you're trying to help haven't spent the same amount of time thinking about the problem the same way you have and that everyone needs time to get used to new ideas, new processes, and new solutions, you'll be in a much better position to set sail. Optimism originates with the founder. No third party is going to enthusiastically advocate for your new thing unless you do it first.

Part of your job, post-launch, is to persevere in the same hope that caused you to start the project in the first place. Almost always, that will mean helping others recognize its value. Often, you will need to re-clarify your own vision. And once you are afloat, don't be surprised if you end up cruising along for a while. It is hard. It is worth it!

Stick to your vision and persevere!


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