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We Are Passionate About Medical Device Security!

Velentium has a dedicated team of embedded security experts that are committed to and passionate about ensuring our products are protected for their intended use. We develop all our products with cybersecurity controls integrated into the complete product lifecycle including supply side, design, implementation, production, and post-market surveillance. Our approach is compliant with industry-leading standards, regulations, and guidance documents.

Our commitment doesn’t end with our security experts. All of our software and hardware staff engineers are regularly trained in the best practices to ensure secure devices and keep them aware of the dynamic and ever-changing security threat landscape.

We are proud to have security baked into everything thing we do. Our entire team treats all projects as if their family member’s lives depended upon them, as indeed it might. 

While our number one goal is always patient safety, we are also considerate of your business model’s needs: including loss of critical intellectual property, cloning of consumable products, re-enabling consumable devices or accessories that are past end of life, protecting your market reputation, and ensuring safety and efficacy, We do this by “right-sizing” mitigating controls to work in harmony with your existing product’s goals and constraints, without burdening the user and/or patient.


001-contract1Security Questions

Customers or security researchers with a specific question about any Velentium product can contact us at or their Velentium service representative.

Velentium supports encrypted messages via PGP/GNU Privacy Guard, the Velentium public key is available at the following link:

Download the Velentium Cybersecurity Key


002-shield1Global Privacy Policy

Velentium has established a Global Privacy Policy and is ISO 27001 compliant.


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