Let's Talk Medtech!

Let's Talk Medtech!

March 19, 2021 | Posted by Lindsey Dinneen

Velentium was recently invited to contribute to an episode of MD+DI’s “Let’s Talk Medtech” podcast. CEO Dan Purvis shared insight on “Tackling Startup Engineering Challenges in Medtech”, discussing Velentium’s recommended strategies and tips to tackle some of the most common challenges medtech engineers and startups face. 

The five key areas to be aware of for engineers and startups are:

  1. The design history file that will be submitted to the FDA
  2. Cybersecurity and protecting the device
  3. Design for testability
  4. Design for manufacturability
  5. Design for longevity

Also discussed were tips for startups looking for new investment during the pandemic, as well as for testing the usability of new devices on humans while maintaining proper safety protocol. 

Dan’s number one piece of advice for startups is to “take your time on requirements,” paying attention to which ones are absolutely necessary. Dan urges startups to write requirements to the level needed that make “the simplest device that can possibly be designed that can still accomplish the task.” He notes that the startups Velentium sees that gets that initial piece right have a much smoother process down the line. 

Thanks, MD+DI, for the opportunity to contribute! 

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