2020s Predictions: Get Ready for More Regulations

2020s Predictions: Get Ready for More Regulations

January 13, 2020 | Posted by JAMA

Velentium was pleased to contribute to this blog series from JAMA Software, which solicited input from thought leaders across industries to forecast what's next for medical device development and related engineering fields in the coming decade. The post below originally appeared at

As we enter a new decade of technological advancements, Jama Software asked select thought leaders from various industries for the trends and events they foresee unfolding over the next 10 years.

Today we’re featuring predictions from Josh Turpen, Chief Product Officer at Jama Software, who oversees the ongoing innovation and refinement of our core product offerings.




Jama Software: What product development trends are you expecting to take shape in the 2020s?

Josh Turpen: “I think there will be an increase in hardware/software solutions. There have been amazing advances in software and hardware; now it’s time to put the two together. This will finally deliver on the ‘Jetsons’ future that my father has been asking forever since I told him I wanted to be an engineer!”

JS: In terms of product and systems development, what do you think will remain the same over the next decade? What will change?

JT: “The need for clarity, consistency, and visibility in requirements and test will continue. We still need to know ‘what’ to build, and we need to explain to others ‘how’ we’ve done it. In fact, this will continue forever. What’ll change is how we do the development.

“More artificial intelligence and machine learning will be introduced into quality organizations to check both the input (requirements) and the output (tests). This will expand into development, but the innovation is happening in quality right now and I think that’s where the most ROI exists.”

JS: How do you foresee regulations shifting in certain industries over the next decade?

“I think regulation — an area many of our customers, particularly those creating medical devices, autonomous vehicles, and rocket ships, are familiar with — is coming for all but the most trivial software and hardware applications. At the point where data and safety meet, you’ll see the most regulation.”

JS: Any major disruptions to specific industries you’re anticipating in the 2020s?

JT: “Data warehousing companies — such as some of the biggest social networks and search engines — will come under a new regulatory body of some kind. The amount and quality of data is going to be of paramount importance and consumers will demand protection. We’re seeing the start of this, and I think governments will respond much the way they did with the credit bureaus in the 70s.”

JS: What sorts of process adjustments do you think development teams will need to make to be successful in the next 10 years?

JT: “Integrated software/hardware development — something which many of our customers are already heavily involved in — will require a new focus on cross-development type processes. ‘Pure Agile’ or ‘pure waterfall’ will cease to exist and a blended model that recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of both will emerge as the dominant paradigm.”

JS: What do you think will be some of the differentiators between a company surviving to see 2030, and those that do not?

JT: “Companies that are structured to accept, respond, and act on change will continue to dominate. Those that require a static customer base, employee skillset, or product deployment environment are doomed.”

JS: Where do you see Jama Software fitting in as the product development landscape evolves over the next decade, and what can our customers expect in return?

JT: “We will focus on requirements, test management, risk, and visibility across those three areas. Our solution is created by product developers for product developers. We understand the demands that our customers are working under and are constantly iterating Jama Connect™ to meet and stay ahead of where the industry is going. Customers can expect Jama Software to be fanatical about delivering value to them and increasing their capability to focus on product development, not the tooling.”

JS: Any other thoughts you’d like to share on the future?

JT: “I’m excited about where technology is going! We’re seeing advances in problem areas that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Communication, medical, and efficient use of resources are all areas where the promise of technology is coming true. Once we get those problems solved, we can focus on the really hard stuff, like getting the clock in my oven and microwave to stay in sync when the time changes.”

About Josh Turpen:
With a deep background in software development and consulting, Josh oversees the ongoing innovation and refinement of Jama Software’s core product offerings. Beginning as an engineer, Josh’s career has taken him from Indiana to Germany, Colorado, and Portland. His work with the U.S. Department of Defense solidified his knowledge of safety-critical systems, and the vital role requirements and risk management plays within them. Having led product and engineering organizations, with teams distributed across the globe, Josh understands the daily challenges our customers face in a constantly changing marketplace and the tools they need to be successful.


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