Soumendu Bhattacharya

Soumendu Bhattacharya

Director of Manufacturing Engineering
Humility forms the basis of honor, just as the low ground forms the foundation of a high elevation. - Bruce Lee

Personal Life & Career

Soumendu is Velentium’s Director of Operations, where he manages the Project Management team and is the company’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Automation and Test Systems. He earned his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics from the India Institute of Technology and his Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. Throughout his career, Soumendu has accrued over seven (7) years of experience in medical devices, as well as seven (7) years of experience designing semiconductors.

Soumendu and his wife have two children and enjoy being outdoors. Also, they are active with a non-profit that coordinates the organization of Indian cultural festivals in their local community.

Soumendu’s career started at Texas Instruments, where he began as a test engineer and quickly moved up to a team lead, managing a test group for mixed-signal and ASIC development. After six (6) years, he moved on to be a Senior Test Development Engineer at LivaNova, where he was responsible for the Research and Development Test Development group. He eventually joined the Velentium team in May of 2018.

One of his notable accomplishments occurred during his tenure at Texas Instruments. At that time, TI was supporting one of the largest mobile device manufacturers, who enjoyed peak demand for their phones at over a million units a day. Soumendu was the crucial interface between the customer and TI and the lead on their project. This role required him to remotely manage a test center halfway around the world in Taiwan that consisted of 40+ test stations. Soumendu and his team were able to consistently meet this massive amount of demand, much to the satisfaction of their customers.

Why Velentium?

Soumendu was initially attracted to Velentium due to the vision of its Co-founders, Dan Purvis and Tim Carroll. Soumendu shares the same passion for the values the company was built upon, as well as the culture they envisioned. Specifically, the value of “Honorable” resonated the most. In Soumendu’s view, it is not a quality you can demand out of an individual; it has to be an innate characteristic that is found within them as a person. Soumendu believes the employees at Velentium view Honorable in the following way: I work here because I am Honorable, not because I have to be.

Also, Soumendu is completely onboard with the vision of impacting over 1,000 families as it pertains to Velentium employees. When he first joined Velentium, the test system work was mainly being done for one company. Over time, he has not only been able to grow the team in size but develop the team’s overall skill. The team now can create hybrid solutions that are attractive to any customer, as well as provide a level of automation that allows the systems to be deployed directly into a manufacturing facility. As of now, the Velentium Automation and Test group can provide any solution from fully manual to fully automated, with any level of variance in between.

Soumendu believes it is the technical skill sets, as well as the inherent values of each of its employees, that gives Velentium a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry. Over his career, Soumendu has worked with multiple contract manufacturers and development firms, and he notes that most usually have one or the other, but very rarely both. If a company lacks the values, the integrity and business practices break down. Without the technical knowledge, the promised solutions do not live up to the expectations set by the customer. Since Velentium has both of these qualities, it is then able to not only complete more complex projects where others could not, but also leave a positive impression to ensure future business.

Looking Ahead

Soumendu believes the medical device industry is prime to achieve double-digit growth over the coming years, specifically as it pertains to active implantables. With the amount of innovation he is seeing being developed at the start-up level, he knows this is the right time to be in this type of business. As Velentium continues to innovate devices for the future, they will continue to carve out a larger and larger space within the industry.


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Primary Location

Denver, CO

Experience & Recognition

  • 7 years of experience in medical devices
  • 7 years of experience designing semiconductors
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electronics from the India Institute of Technology
  • Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech

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