Dan Purvis

Dan Purvis

Chief Executive Officer
I love people and have an intense desire to serve others.

Personal Life & Career

Dan is Velentium’s CEO and Co-Founder. He passionately leads the company’s culture development with a strong emphasis on making positive difference in not just patients’ lives, but the company’s employees. He followed up his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University with an MBA from Rice University. Throughout his career, Dan has obtained over 20 years of experience in software, electronics and medical devices. 

Dan and his wife have three sons and one daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, soccer, reading, and any contest where there is a winner and a loser!

Dan’s career started as an Applications Engineer at National Instruments, where he completed and taught over 20 LabVIEW courses during his tenure. National Instruments sent him to Michigan as a field engineer. Then, at what he now looks back on as a turning point in his life, Dan decided to relocate back to Texas, where he began opening offices for his new employer. Over the next 15 years, Dan discovered a knack for starting up new companies, which he would run in his spare time. After selling vibDaq, he promised himself that the next one would take over his career, full-time. That next company was Velentium.

Dan has always been passionate about people, who are the source of his motivation. Professional success allows Dan to bless his family, close friends, and now, his employees. He wants to be able to not only provide financial benefits to Velentium’s workers, but consistently give them the opportunity to work on meaningful and challenging projects. In turn, this gives Velentium the ability to release medical devices to the market that will benefit people all over the world.

Why Velentium?

In 2012, Dan realized he would never be able to realize his full potential unless he was willing to risk more than he ever had before. He had a dream of improving the lives of people, because impacting people is what he enjoys most about business. He wanted to create and lead a company that revolves around a culture first, not monetary incentives. His ultimate goal is not financial means, but to be able to directly influence the constellations of lives surrounding 1,000 families of Velentium employees.

Dan believes that the key to differentiating Velentium from its competitors, beyond its values, is its thought leadership. He has built a senior leadership team of SMEs that are interested in not only doing what clients ask from them, but in asking challenging questions in order to create the highest quality products. Velentium employees are not “workers for hire,” they are “workers for cause.” His vision for the company starts with a culture that places the ability to provide life-changing therapy for patients ahead of the money.

Looking Ahead

Dan believes the advent of the functional MRI changed the trajectory for the medical device industry. By being able to see the actual electrical artifact of thought, we now have the ability to analyze the brain and see interaction between peripheral nerve stimulation and cognitive responses that have never been visible before. This is opening up a whole new world of discovery for the neurostimulator industry. Velentium is thrilled to be able to participate in bringing cutting-edge neurostimtherapies to market.

Dan Centered

Primary Location

Houston, TX

Experience & Recognition

  • Student of culture and leadership
  • Over 25 years of experience in software and data acquisition
  • Passionate about growing Velentium for the long-term

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