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April 19, 2021

Culture Focus
With Dan

A New Phase of Growth

There is a new phase of growth coming to Velentium. Speed and size are baked into our culture. Speed is in our name. It’s the VEL of VELocity and VELentium. Size is in our vision of 1000 families. 

How do we navigate this culture of size and speed proactively and thoughtfully while improving the lives of our team members, customers and the patients they serve? I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. Here are three areas we are working on:

Finance: we have always financed Velentium internally based on profits and a small initial investment from my friends and family. We are at a size now where we are actively courting an investment partner to take a minority stake in the company. The additional financial resources will give us the freedom to be proactive with tools and staffing.
Staffing: we will be working on an aggressive staffing plan for the first time in our history. The idea is to bring in new team members more proactively. This will take more process and formality to onboard and train our new staff, but it will also allow us margin. If we win everything we are bidding, we will be in a better position to succeed. If we don’t win everything, then we can finish our current projects and the ones we do win faster. Judging by the success in marketing and sales of late, the aggressive staffing plan may just be a “keep up plan” (in which case we will expand it further).
Reference Designs: We will continue to focus on reference designs so that more and more of our projects start “in the red zone” from day one. For all of you non-football fans, starting in the red zone is a good thing. These reference designs include “the Velentium Platform” (IPG platform) and “the Velentium Test Framework” (VTF).


Do you have thoughts on ways to help us grow fast, serve our clients well, and honor your families? Reach out to me - I’d love to talk with you about it!

Q2 Challenge
”The Vantagepoint Advantage++"



Make Vantagepoint a strategic advantage


Q2, 2021


As we grow and change, it is constantly our goal to develop scalable systems and processes that will see us through to 1000 families. Vantagepoint is one of those systems. Vantagepoint is more than a time tracker. It is a resource and project tracker. It is an aid for recruiting and training. It is a forecasting tool. It is a project efficiency gauge. It can be a lot of things, but we must form the habit of using it well and consistently.

The Challenge?

Every Velentonian is up to date on their time sheets each week. All Velentium resources in Vantagepoint have a utilization plan. By the end of each month, all sales ops that hit the target have a resource forecast in Vantagepoint. Whew! Is that all?

The Goal?

100% survey return, which may include an opt-out

The Reward?

2x C-Notes for All (Direct Deposit)

The Status?

So far so good. Steady as she goes!

in the News

OnLogic Case Study

OnLogic featured Velentium & Project V as one of their case studies, including a great quote from our own Ryan Clingan.

ThreatConnect Podcast

Chris Gates appeared on the ThreatConnect podcast as part of their 5-part CISO Challenge Series. He’s already been invited back - for a panel discussion with the other series guests!

Security Weekly

Gates also made a guest appearance on Security Weekly.

Med-Tech Innovation News

Dan & Jason Smith wrote a high-level article for Med-Tech Innovation News titled ‘7 Considerations in Medical Device Design.’ You can read the article on page 15.


Swati Bhakta

Project Manager


Tell me about your early years

  • I was born in Panama City, Panama.
  • I grew up with my Uncle’s family in Arizona. My parents finally moved to the US in 1999.
  • My parents are fluent in 5 languages! I speak English & Gujarti.
  • I graduated in 3 years from a super small high school and went to Arizona State University as a 17 year old Freshman. I studied Bioengineering at ASU.
  • I worked for Ascent Health Care which was bought by Stryker. (Swati just missed Mark Harris at Stryker)
  • I met Nimesh at his cousin’s wedding. I was in Phoenix and Nimesh was in Houston. I “married Houston” in 2010 and took a job at OrthoAccel. We have two kids: Niam (6) & Saira (4.5). We try to stay super active with the kids - baseball, Kumon and dance. We love all of the Houston parks, especially Everglades Park off of Memorial, the arboretum, and Hermann Park.

Tell us more about your family and hobbies

  • We love to travel.
  • We snowboard (Swati) and ski (Nimesh) and love Colorado and Park City, UT.
  • We love to hike (we did a Grand Canyon in and out hike). We want to white water raft someday.
  • We went to Istanbul and Athens – 2.5 weeks of great experiences – and would love to go again.
  • Dream Vacation: we would head to Asia – India – China – Vietnam – Japan.
  • We plan to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with a trip (think sand and sea)
  • I love to cook. My mom’s family has always been a family that cooks. We cook FUSION… food inspired by Arizona, Central America, and India! Most Friday nights we will get the kids something they like and then cook something for us.

What do you like most about Velentium

  • The PEOPLE! The people are always so happy to help, work through issues, etc.
  • Management is great – my old boss from Stryker said “if you get a chance to work for Mark. Harris, you should” – and that was from 10 years back!
  • It’s really amazing to see all that we are building together. The projects have a ton of meaning – it’s fun to work on things that are doing good in the world.
  • At OrthoAccel, the leadership was really open to teaching and coaching – and I learned a lot. Velentium is no different – lots of teaching and coaching and friendship here too.
  •  I read Traction and now I see why we have patterns and structure. It makes sense why we do what we do. I like structure!

Need to Know

COVID-19 News

  • Remember that our COVID policy can be found in the Human Resources Shared G Drive folder.
  • While Texas and Colorado continue to reduce or remove many COVID-19 restrictions, Velentium will continue with COVID-19 “Business as Usual”. Please continue to wear masks in common spaces and any place proper spacing cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you have been exposed to a person who is assumed or confirmed positive for COVID-19, you must follow the quarantine procedure in the COVID policy UNLESS:
    • You are fully vaccinated, i.e. you are more than two (2) weeks past your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two (2) weeks past your J&J vaccine.
    • You have had COVID-19 (confirmed with a test) and recovered in the past 3 months.

Project V Book Deal

  • We have officially accepted a contract to write a book telling the Velentium and Project V story. The publisher is Dallas-based BenBella Publishing, whose many titles include a Velentonian favorite - Traction by Gino Wickman. We’re fortunate to be working with a highly experienced business book agent (John Willig) and editor (Matt Holt), and also fortunate that GM CEO Mary Barra has tentatively agreed to write the Foreword!
  • The book will put Velentium and the Project V story on the record in a more permanent way than the press coverage we were able to secure during the height of media interest in 2020, enabling us to leverage the success of Project V into an ongoing marketing tool for our company
  • It is expected to come out in August/September 2022. Dan is hard at work on the first draft!

Medical Alley

Velentium is now a member organization of Medical Alley (, which means every Velentonian has access to Medical Alley’s member benefits. To learn more and start taking advantage of the membership aspects most beneficial to you and your role, register for Medical Alley’s newsletter or an upcoming event using your email address.

Inc. 5000 2021

Velentium ranked #117 in the Inc. 5000 2021 Texas Regionals for fastest-growing privately held companies!

Email Signature

We have standardized the official Velentium email signature block (example below). Please copy the signature at the bottom of Mark Kraft’s email and customize the contact details as appropriate. Contact Jason Smith if you need any assistance.

Welcome to Our New Staff

There are a lot of incoming team members. Welcome everyone!

  • Christian Gracia, Software Engineer (Cloud), Remote
  • Kenny Long, Project Manager, Remote
  • Mark Wilkinson, Software Engineer (Mobile), Katy
  • Peter Kelly, Test Engineer, Katy
  • Ankit Patel, Test Engineer, Katy

May Velentium Book Club

  • Book club for May will be Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know by Adam Grant.
  • If you want to join the book club, simply purchase the book (you can expense it!), read it and then join us for the discussion.
  • Join us for the Velentium Lunch Together on Thursday, May 13th to discuss this book.

We're Hiring

We Pay Referral Fees $$

  • Referrals continue to be the most successful way for us to add team members. If we hire a candidate that you refer to us, you will be paid. If you refer a “Highly Specialized Technical Candidate” you will be paid $1500. Other referrals will be paid $500.
  • Thanks to all of you who have provided referrals.
  • We currently have job openings!