Our Process

Our Process

January 19, 2017 | Posted by Dan Purvis

How did we come to work with Oil & Gas and Medical Devices?  We have a deep understanding of systems, solutions, project management, and... SOFTWARE.  

Because of our experience, we have found that we excel in industries that require high rigor, safety, documentation, quality, and attention to detail. 

The medical device industry has been highly regulated for a long time.  If you are going to have a device placed in your chest, you sure would like the firmware to be right.  The oil & gas industry has become increasingly regulated in recent years.  Wells are going deeper.  Fracking is increasing pressures.  The environment (and the lives of operators) depend upon things being right.

If you don't find yourself playing in either of these industries, we are willing to bet that we can still help you.  The discipline that is required in our "specialty industries" often makes us a great option for other solutions as well.


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