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Root of Trust: InfoSec Mythbusting

Like any organized activity, InfoSec has its share of myths. These things are like “idea zombies” because they just don’t die. Here are a few of the more pernicious ones I’ve encountered:

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Know Your “Why”

At the outset of a project, natural momentum will tend to move engineering and development teams very quickly from “What” (problem and requirements) to “How” (methods and solution details). This article will illustrate the value of resisting that natural momentum to address “Why” - and paradoxically accelerate success.

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Transformational Leadership: Boost Speed Through Being Teachable

At Velentium, we place a high value on quick learners who are resourcefully able to teach themselves and learn quickly from others how to rapidly work through problems until a solution is found. But when we say we value “quick learners,” what is it we're really valuing? Is it reading speed? Raw intelligence? The ability to synthesize ideas?

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Root of Trust: What's In a Name?

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Topics: Root of Trust Embedded Systems Security

Transformational Leadership: Maintain Access Corridors for the Unfamiliar

Deep immersion in a technical field is good and necessary in today’s world of hyper-specialization. How else would we develop expertise, hone skills, and discover the limits and possibilities of a given specialty?

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Root of Trust: Cybersecurity for MIS/IT vs. Embedded Systems

Embedded device cybersecurity is relatively new compared to our friends with the “big iron” in Managed Information Systems (MIS), so while there are many differences between the two domains, there are a few commonalities; tools and techniques that we can fork / modify for use in the embedded world.

Topics: Root of Trust Embedded Systems Security