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"Projects are Completed with Excellence and Honor"

“I was looking for a firm to help with engineering and get us to the finish line when I was told that Velentium was the company to talk to. Even though we were on a tight deadline, Velentium developed a project plan to crush it. They finished our product in one revision. When we had a cash flow issue, Velentium worked with us to defer payments until the next investment came through.

Velentium and Spark’s cultures matched, so we knew we could trust Velentium from Day 1. Velentium is committed to its clients’ success and will ensure that projects are completed with excellence and honor. They have a passion to help people, and it is demonstrated every step of the way through every employee. Any time we needed to make project adjustments, Velentium was easy to talk with and helpful in their proposed solutions. 

I have a lot of things to worry about daily. Velentium is never on that list.”

Daniel Powell
CEO, Spark Biomedical Inc.


"Strong Focus on Agility & Precision"

“From the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Velentium team, specifically Dan Purvis and Randy Armstrong. In the early stage meetings, I was very grateful they took the time to get to know our needs and goals so a proper solution on the right timeline could be put together. They also had a strong focus on agility and precision, which being an army of one, I needed to be able to rely on a stable team of consultants in order to make consistent progress."

Dan Rizzuto
Founder and CEO at Nia Therapeutics


"Speed, Dedication, and Passion"

We appreciate Velentium’s partnership in the historic increase in the production of VOCSN critical care ventilators in response to COVID-19. Working together with General Motors, we worked as one team with one mission, and together we supplied 30,000 ventilators to support frontline medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19. Velentium worked with speed, dedication, and passion to support a project that was uniquely challenging in its size and scale. They were essential partners and we thank the entire Velentium team for their support.

Chris Brooks
Chief Strategy Officer at Ventec Life Systems


"World-Class Technical Ability"

I chose Velentium as a partner due to their ability to meet deadlines and produce quality work. Beyond that, they are happy to transition their design and successfully hand off the project when it is done without any “strings attached”. Velentium’s technical ability in the critical areas of software, cybersecurity, and automated test systems are world-class.

In comparison to other companies, Velentium takes an agile, more responsive, and flexible approach. I greatly appreciated the access I had to their senior engineers early in the sales process – allowing for a smooth transition right into project work down the road. I have in the past and will continue to recommend Velentium to my colleagues.

Kent Leyde
CEO at Cadence Neuroscience


"Seamless & Smooth Integration"

I have always been uneasy about involving external contractors in the design process. Our first experience with Velentium has put those concerns to rest! The project has been seamless as they integrated smoothly with our team. The staff at Velentium has done an excellent job working as an extension of our design team, assisting us with quality and design controls so our technical engineers are not burdened by it.

After meeting with the Velentium team, I quickly understood they could be a beneficial partner to us. Their senior leadership has been in the trenches of medical device design for decades and has significant experience within the industry. Not only can they speak to the process, but they have also operated within it and know how to replicate their successes.

Velentium came to us asking questions early and often. We have a very open relationship, so if any problems arise, I feel comfortable bringing them up to our Velentium Project Manager or directly with senior leadership. This candor builds trust and allows the collective team to accomplish even more.

James Burrows
COO at Paradromics



"High Levels of Integrity and Transparency"

We chose Velentium as a partner due to their robust background with implantable stimulators that stems from their decades of experience within the medical device industry. The company, as a whole, has a high level of integrity and transparency, which was evident from our very first meeting. They had a willingness and a passion to partner with and support us, and their positive attitude flowed through every interaction we had. For them, our project was more than a business arrangement; it was obvious they cared for us as people.

Paul Goode
CTO at EndoStim


"Came to Us with a Different Mentality"

“When we first met with Velentium, we were creating high-quality research equipment in-house, but without the proper knowledge and expertise surrounding industry regulations and quality systems, we were setting ourselves up for problems in the future. A lot of other developers we had spoken to were not interested in partnering with a smaller underfunded company, but Velentium came to us with a different mentality. They had the interest and flexibility to invest their time and energy in order to help us grow.

Alex Proctor
Founder at Active Life Scientific


"Straightforward Approach & Truthful"

“Velentium was highly recommended to us by a very respected personal colleague of mine in the medical device industry. Early on, I appreciated their straightforward approach with being truthful about the limitations of our project and what we could and could not do. Throughout the entire project, they were forthcoming and transparent. The team members we worked with were engaging and passionate about finding solutions to our challenges.

Luis Malave
President at EOFlow

Vaxx Immune

"Impressed with Team Functionality"

Velentium came to us with positive references from within the medical device community. We had been interacting with several design/manufacturing companies, both small and large, but were impressed with Velentium's team and how they functioned.

Leonard Weisman
President and CTO at Vax-Immune Diagnostics


"Commitment to a Strong Quality System"

For me, it started with Velentium's credo. The company really focuses on its core principals.  Tim, Randy, and Dan all live out Velentium's values.
We worked with Velentium on an initial small project and the engineer did a great job. We have since expanded our work with Velentium and their business dealings with us have been solid and fair. When there are issues, Velentium rolls up their sleeves and solves the problems - and they are willing to contribute even when the issue is on our side.
Velentium has a commitment to a strong medical quality system. The system is baked into their culture and the quality of the work has been excellent.

Bret Boudousquie
President at RadiaDyne


"Unwavering Commitment to Building Relationships"

Velentium is able to handle a rapid pace and the chaos that often comes with it. They approach projects with a rare intensity - going above and beyond to remove any delay that could have direct repercussions to the schedule. Due to the culture of the company and the messages repeatedly stated by senior leadership, it was apparent to us that their medical projects are cared about deeply by everyone at Velentium.

Velentium has been successful due to their unwavering commitment to building relationships with customers and caring about the results of their projects, even more than their customers might expect. Alicat holds similar values, so it was not surprising to see how our two companies gravitated towards each other.

It was clear to me that Velentium was going to do whatever it took to get the solution done correctly, on-time, and per the requirements of their client.

David Lashbrook
President at Alicat Scientific


"Value-Driven Company Focused on Speed"

Velentium’s sense of mission makes them unique. Their goal to change lives for a better world shines in their medical devices and drives their decision-making process.

Velentium’s expertise in automated test systems and deep knowledge in the device industry makes them a great partner for NI. They are a values-driven company that is focused on speed – which fits very well with NI’s culture.

Velentium is built upon talented engineers who go beyond the communicated needs set by the client – thinking creatively to ask the critical questions that more fully flesh out the problem and better define the requirements. They are true accelerators to innovation.

Dave Wilson
Vice President at National Instruments

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Coauthored by Velentium's Director of Product Security, Christopher Gates

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